How much are the delivery costs?

For delivery to your house we call upon the services of DPD Netherlands, Belgium, France and the rest of Europe. We also offer the possibility to collect your parcel at a Kiala collect point. At this moment Kiala is available for Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

The rates for the different countries are as follows:


Order Value (in €) < 50 50-100 > 100
Belgium 2,95 1,95 0
The Netherlands, Luxembourg 4,95 2,95 0
Germany 4,95 2,95 0


Order Value (in €) < 50 50-100
> 100
France, Monaco 4,95 3,95 0


Order Value (in € or £) 0-50 50-100
> 100
United Kingdom, Austria 5,95 4,95 0


Order Value (in €) < 75 75-150 >150
Italy, Denmark 8,95 6,95 0
Sweden 10,95 8,95 0
Ireland 12,95 10,95 0


Order Value (in €) < 100
100-200 >200
Romania, Finland, Spain, Poland 18,95 13,95 5,95
Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hongary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania 22,95 18,95 7,95
Portugal 22,95 18,95 7,95
Greece 29,95 24,95 9,95



For logistical reasons we can not deliver to countries other than those mentioned in the table above.

Distant islands such as the DOM-TOMand the Republic of San Marino (IT) are not being served either.

ATTENTION: If you place an order on a site that is different from the chosen delivery country, an additional € 5 will be charged. For example: you live in The Netherlands, but you place the order on the Belgian website to have it delivered to The Netherlands.


What is the delivery period? When will my order be delivered to my house?

The given delivery period is applied from the moment we receive your payment, and you've received a confirmation mail.

  • Belgium : 1 - 2 working days
  • The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany : 1 - 2 working days
  • France, United Kingdom, Austria: 2 - 4 working days
  • Rest of Europe : 3 - 5 working days

Attention: the expected delivery period starts from the moment we've registered the payment per bank transfer. When we've received your bank transfer, we will send you a confirmation email. A payment per bank transfer always delays the delivery. Depending on the bank, it varies between 1 -4 working days.


Is it possible to deliver my order to a different address than my home address?

Yes, you can have your order delivered at a different address than your home address. When paying for your order, you can enter a different address in the second step "your information".

We strongly recommend this when you can't be present at your home address for delivery. You should choose a delivery address where someone can receive the package for you during the office hours.

ATTENTION: is it NOT possible to have your order delivered to a post office or PostPunt.


Can I pick a date when my package will be delivered?

The option to choose your own delivery date is not available yet. We are working on this though. DPD delivers during the office hours: 09.00-17.00.


How will I be informed that my package is on its way?

We will keep you posted through mail about the status of your order.

After the confirmation of your payment (by email) your package is prepared as soon as possible. When it leaves our pharmacy you will automatically get an email with the shipping confirmation. Starting from that moment, you can expect the package within the given delivery date.


Can I follow the status of delivery somewhere?

When your package is sent, you'll receive an email with a tracing link of DPD. Click on the link and you can follow the status of delivery. You can also contact VitaZita by email to receive an update of your order.


I wasn't at home at the moment of delivery, where can I find my package?

If you weren't at home at the moment of delivery, you will find a note in your mailbox. Depending on your choice, the package can be delivered a second time or you can go and pick it up yourself in the depot of the courier service. We advise you to contact us if you haven't received your package within the delivery period.


The delivery period is taking longer than expected. What should I do?

If your delivery hasn't arrived 1-2 days after the expected delivery period, you should contact VitaZita as soon as possible. We will verify the delivery and keep you posted.


I have moved, where can I report my new address?

By pressing the button "My account" at the top of the homepage you will get access to your profile page. There you can adjust your personal information, like your address.


I have paid, but haven't received my order yet. What should I do?

If you chose to pay per bank transfer, your order will always be delayed due to the transaction between the banks.

Your expected delivery period will start from the moment we confirm by email that your payment has arrived. If there is a problem with the delivery (product not in stock anymore, ...) we will inform you immediately. We will once again inform you by email when the package with your order leaves VitaZita.

When an order hasn't arrived 1-2 days after the expected delivery period, you should contact VitaZita as soon as possible. We will verify the delivery and keep you posted.


I have paid and got a message afterwards that the order wasn't accepted. Now what?

If an order wasn't accepted, VitaZita will always contact the customer to justify why this wasn't accepted. If possible, we will look for an alternative solution.