3M Opticlude Comfort Midi 5.3cm x 7cm

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3M ™ Opticlude ™ Orthoptic eye patches are used in the treatment of strabismus (squint) with children and amblyopia (lazy eye). Is applied over the eye, which is preferred; the eye patch encourages the weaker eye to function. The Opticlude standard patches have a non-woven micro-porous carrier material on the basis of 3M ™ Micropore ™ so that the skin can breathe and can function normally. The hypoallergenic adhesive strip is gentle to the skin of children. A central non-adhesive zone prevents the eye from sticking to the patch. The range consists of three sizes: maxi, midi and mini. Also with fun prints in a Boys & Girls version. New to the range is Opticlude 3M Opticlude comfort, so soft that you hardly feel them. Thanks to the extremely skin-friendly, elastic material and hypoallergenic adhesive, the new 3M ™ Comfort Opticlude eye patch is very suitable for sensitive skin. The eye patch is available in 3 sizes maxi, midi and mini with colorful designs and color.

optimal occlusion
hypoallergenic adhesive
microporous carrier
flexible and discreet
central, non-adhesive compress to absorb tears
single use

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