Conceive Plus Multi-Use

75 ml


The unique formula of Conceive Plus® increases pleasure and relieves vaginal dryness. Making the process even more enjoyable and exciting for you and your partner when you are trying to get pregnant.

Fertility support is an essential part of conception, whether you are just starting out or have been trying for some time. Conceive Plus® is a sperm safe personal lubricant designed to be used by all trying-to-conceive couples whether you have been trying for a while or just started. The patented formulation is the only lubricant to contain both magnesium and calcium ions, Conceive Plus® is scientifically formulated to be safe for sperm motility, sperm viability and does not harm sperm function.

Conceive Plus® does not include complex sugars that interfere with the fertilisation process and does not contain a spermicide. Instead, the lubricant is pH balanced to both sperm and fertile cervical fluid.

The unique formulation of Conceive Plus® has been clinically proven to maintain sperm viability, sperm motility and be safe for embryo development, assisting in providing an environment that may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The data was presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine6 and has been published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, volume 92, issue 2.

Regular lubricants often form a barrier to sperm motility. Conceive Plus® preserves motility by mixing with the sperm within a matter of minutes. The gentle formulation of Conceive Plus® matches fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a conception-friendly environment. This may assist the natural functions of the body on its path to getting pregnant naturally. The osmolarity and pH ranges of Conceive Plus are controlled to be within safe limits for sperm and egg.


Using the tube:
Apply a small amount of Conceive Plus® to the genital area prior to or during intercourse. Re-apply as required. Suitable for daily use by both sexes. Conceive Plus® Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus® Pre-filled Applicators when additional moisture is required.

Using the applicator:
Apply up to 15 minutes prior to sexual intercourse with your partner. Hold the narrow end of the applicator upright and twist off the tab. Gently insert the narrow end into the vagina and squeeze the bulb 2–3 times. Remove while continuing to squeeze, then discard. Each applicator is for single use only and cannot be stored or re-used following application.


Deionised water, hypromellose, sodium chloride, glycerol, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, methylparaben, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride.


The use of syringes to deposit lubricant carries an increased risk of developing a bacterial infection. This will have a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant and may, in extreme cases, lead to miscarriage. Both the Conceive Plus® Multi-use Tube and Applicator offer a safe environment for sperm survival and increase the likelihood of getting pregnant naturally.

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