Dukan Mini Coockies Chocolate Chip

100 g


The range of Dukan® products is developed based on unique recipes and their exceptional nutritional characteristics: rich in fiber, no fat and useless carbohydrates.

The Dukan Coockies Mini Chocolate Chip contain 94% less sugar and 30% less fat compared to average conventional cookies. The Dukan Coockies Mini Chocolate Chip also contain oat bran.


  • Reduced amount of fat
  • No added sugar
  • Rich in fiber


The Dukan Coockies Mini Chocolate Chip are ideal as a snack.


Oat bran (gluten) 32% chocolate pieces with maltitol 15% (sweetener: maltitol, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soy lecithin, fat cocoa powder, natural vanilla flavor), sweetener: maltitol, oats (gluten), canola oil 8%, acacia fiber, whole milk egg powder, wheat gluten , cocoa powder, natural vanilla flavoring, skimmed milk powder, baking powder: ammonium and sodium carbonates, salt.

Made on a place where also use is made of sesame and nuts.

- Fat 16.0g
of which saturated fat 3.9g
- Carbohydrates 55g
of which sugars 0.8g
which polyols 26g
- Dietary Fiber 11g
- Proteins 8.7g
- Salt 0.76g
- Iron 100g

Side effects

Excessive use of maltitol can have a laxative effect.


To keep the Mini Coockies crispy, it is recommended to keep them away from moisture and heat.

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On 14/12/2012, a new European law has been introduced concerning health claims. This law prohibits manufacturers of food and nutritional supplements to mention health claims which aren't scientifically proven on the packaging of their products. All the products that don't meet the new claim-legislation must be taken off the market. Websites and information sheets for consumers must also meet the new legislation. That's the reason why you will find less information about the functioning of certain nutritional supplements on our website.

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