Elmex Toothpaste Anti-Caries Adult Bitube

2x75 ml


Elmex Tandpasta Anti-Caries

Toothpaste with aminoflouride (very active and fast working flouride derivating). In comparison with other toothpaste Elmex will guarantee a bigger absorption of a bigger quantity of flour in the enamel. As a result it increase the resistance of the teeth. Elmex protects against the effects of the sugars, through inhibition of the expanding  damaging acids and neutralises the bacteria through the bacteriostatic effect of flourides. The laminate-tube is unchangeable and is specially designed to guarantee the optimal preservation.


For Sensitive Teeth and Caries, see elmex sensitive.


From 12 years for daily anti-caries protection.

Greater anti-caries protection and enhance longevity thanks to amine fluoride. Remineralization of initial caries.


Amine fluoride equivalent to 0.125% of fluorine. (1250 ppm. Fluorine)

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