Folavit 0.4mg Folic Acid

90 tablets


Before and during pregnancy. Start using Folavit 4 weeks before conception (or from the beginning of pregnancy desire) and keep this up to 8 weeks after conception.


1 tablet daily with plenty of water, preferably during meals. Folavit is not suitable for children up to the age of 1 year.


soya bean oil, gelatin, beeswax, glycerol, quinoline yellow, soy lecithin, titanium dioxide, yellow orange S.

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On 14/12/2012, a new European law has been introduced concerning health claims. This law prohibits manufacturers of food and nutritional supplements to mention health claims which aren't scientifically proven on the packaging of their products. All the products that don't meet the new claim-legislation must be taken off the market. Websites and information sheets for consumers must also meet the new legislation. That's the reason why you will find less information about the functioning of certain nutritional supplements on our website.

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