Fytostar Vitamine C-500 Acerola

150 tablets


Fytostar Acerola Vit C

  • Contributes to the normal working of the immune system
  • Helps to reduce fatigue

Vitamin C Acerola 500 contributes to the normal working of the immune system and helps to reduce fatigue.


1/4 to 2 tablets a day.
1/4 tablet contains 125 mg vitamin C (156% ADH).


Sugarcane, ascorbineacid (vitamin C), maltodextrine, stabilisator: cotton seed oil, anti-clontermiddle: tricalciumfosfaat, calcium stearaat, aroma: framboos (Rubus ideaus I.), acerolapowder (Malpighia punicifolia), anti-clonter middle: siliciumdioxide, citrus bioflavonoïden, rutine, hesperidine. 2 tabletten contains 1000 mg  vitamin C (1250% ADH).


  • A food supplement shouldn't be used as a replacement for a balanced and varied nutrition and of a healthy life style.
  • Don't exceed the daily recommended quantity.
  • Store in a dry and cold place.
  • Keep away from the reach of children.
  • Kidney patients shouldn't take more than 200 mg vitamin C a day.   

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On 14/12/2012, a new European law has been introduced concerning health claims. This law prohibits manufacturers of food and nutritional supplements to mention health claims which aren't scientifically proven on the packaging of their products. All the products that don't meet the new claim-legislation must be taken off the market. Websites and information sheets for consumers must also meet the new legislation. That's the reason why you will find less information about the functioning of certain nutritional supplements on our website.

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Reviewed by Linda | 27-05-2013

Easy product. Just take a tablet a few times a day and you have absorbed some additional vitamin C. Easy to take with you. Now very advantageous with the 120+30 tablets packaging.

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