Ortis Beneflora Original

10x10 g bags


Beneflora Original is a symbiotic made up of 6 probiotic strains and a large quantity of prebiotics.


Take a tablespoon of Bene Flora every morning, pure or dissolved in yogurt or in a cold drink. Take one tablespoon every morning for 10 consecutive days. Repeat the treatment every month. After a course of antibiotics Bene Flora is recommended for a month uninterrupted take.
Children: start with half a teaspoon and gradually increase to 2 teaspoons.
Is your intestinal flora disrupted, then gas may occur in the stomach. Once your flora is recovering, this is temporary discomfort disappears.
Bene Flora is also suitable for diabetics and lactose intolerance.

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On 14/12/2012, a new European law has been introduced concerning health claims. This law prohibits manufacturers of food and nutritional supplements to mention health claims which aren't scientifically proven on the packaging of their products. All the products that don't meet the new claim-legislation must be taken off the market. Websites and information sheets for consumers must also meet the new legislation. That's the reason why you will find less information about the functioning of certain nutritional supplements on our website.

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